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That Neg Lady is a freelance analogue and digital Photographer, Photo Retoucher, Casting Director and Studio Manager based in Somerset West, Cape Town. Her main and true artistic discipline is analogue photography, focusing on themes surrounding portraiture and documentary photography.

Claudia Schneider is the creative behind That Neg Lady; as a lover of everything old school, her work depicts a unique look and feel. You will always find Claudia in the darkroom, whether she is processing black and white film, or hand printing photographs.

With her multi-disciplined line of work, Claudia presents a unique background of knowledge, thus making each experience one to remember – offering services to both clients and analogue photographers alike. 

“My curiosity lies within the realm of the ‘other’. I aim to provide different opportunities to change perceptions and ideals constructed by society, through the discourse of the imagery I produce”

Whilst simultaneously creating memories for others, Claudia is continuously working on personal and conceptual projects close to her heart.

Her love of photography started at an early age, “I remember picking up my first camera which was a Ricoh KR5 Super, it was my grandfathers. He was always enticed by the human form, environmental portraits and making use of the self timer for portraits with my grandmother.

I know now that this is where I get my inspiration from. I seek to photograph ‘others’ in order to question my own ‘truth’. I love the idea that I can create visual, tangible memories for others. I find joy in this.”

 Let me capture your story!


Claudia Schneider

That Neg Lady

"Claudia is a competent photographer who makes intimate moments accessible; making one feel at ease in front of the camera. Her candid manner, made it a pleasure for us as a couple, to shoot with her. Above all, her knowledge and suggestion on print and format, was superb. We wish her much success with her photographic journey, and hope that her client base grows in strength. That Neg Lady has managed to capture the very essence of us. Thank you Claudia"‚Äč
Cape Town Couple Shoot - photographer
Gahlia and Wesley Burgess
"Photographs are such a personal thing and these days we try to get across a very specific idea or feeling. Finding a photographer who can capture these ideas or feelings is like trying to find a close friend. With Claudia, we could easily chat about ideas and she always made us feel at ease. Although she guided us when needed, it felt more like having coffee with an old friend than being part of a photoshoot. We were even more ecstatic when we received our images. They were unlike any others we've seen and truly reflected the bond my husband and I have. The photos have an artistic quality that is most certainly not mainstream."
Couple Photographer Cape Town
Annarene and Jacques Victor
"We could not have asked for a better photographer to capture our new little family. Such special moments in the perfect setting, we love the photos"
Newborn Photographer
Katie and Kelvin Briant

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